Dear Internet—Something interesting happened on TV recently and I was waiting to see if you were going to talk about it but I guess not? I already mentioned it in an email to Josh, but I’ll go ahead and put it here anyway.

In S01E05 of The Whole Truth (“When Cougars Attack”) the B-plot involves Maura Tierney’s character being voted one of New York City’s sexiest female attorneys. She doesn’t want to be involved in the photo shoot, finds the whole thing degrading to women, but then another attorney convinces her it’ll be fun and they try on various outfits and she ends up having an OK time, the scene ending in a photo montage of her doing various poses.

As you will no doubt recall, this mirrors exactly the B-plot of S03E12 of Newsradio (“Rap”) where Maura Tierney’s character is voted one of New York City’s Cutest Reporters, and the whole entire exact same thing happens.

The Whole Truth did this homage totally straight-faced. I looked online to see if the episodes shared a writer or something, but no. I kept looking in the background of the scenes to see if there’d be a Super Karate Monkey Death Car or a character named “Tubalcain” or something, but no. It was just a thing that happened and I don’t know why, but it was too weird to be a coincidence and I appreciated it.

Anyways, thought I’d mention it.

PS you should rewatch that episode of Newsradio, because Lisa Miller’s outfit is super cute, plus it’s the one where Lisa goes “Beth, I’m on the phone,” and Beth goes “But I am on the MEGAPHONE.”

This post took me like 45 minutes to write. I honestly don’t know how you people write something on the internet every day.

Yrs etc

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