Favorite Episodes

Here are my favorite episodes of various television shows. This is all off the top of my head, no fair Wikipedia-ing.

Justified: I guess maybe the finale to S1, where Raylan has to really figure out how much trust he’s willing to extend to Boyd.

Magnum PI: the one where he has to tread water for 24 hours.

Hannah Montana: hmm. Not sure. Anything with the Handsome Jake subplot. Definitely not the one with Alison Brie, she’s painfully unwatchable in that episode.

Phineas & Ferb: Mexian-Jewish cultural fair, maybe? That rap at the end out of nowhere is gorgeous. Although the song during the cows on the moon episode is SO GOOD. Or there’s one where the second half is an extrapolation of stuff Isabella and the Fireside girls did off-screen in the first half, and it’s pretty outstanding to watch the writers click all the pieces together, but it’s the kind of thing where you have to watch 20 episodes before that in order to really appreciate it, more than a good episode in and of itself.

Doctor Who: the Vincent Van Gogh one (this is new! Previously it was always either Blink, Girl in the Fireplace, or Midnight. Actually it might still be Girl in the Fireplace.)

Santa Barbara: the one where the women who looks MYSTERIOUSLY like the recently-disappeared Eden comes to town. 

Community: the first paintball episode, where the writers first totally Hulked out.

Cosby Show: either of the grandparent’s anniversary shows, where the family does a little performance. The first one was the best though. You were expecting me to say the Stevie Wonder episode, weren’t you.

A Different World: co-ed step team.

Newsradio: NO IDEA. If there was a gun to my head (I feel like Josh and I have had this conversation a million times) Rockfuel Malt Liquor? Or Jimmy Runs for President? Or Green Acres/CSPAN? I can’t.

Ummm what are some other TV shows? I can’t even think of any. 

I think maybe this is just proving that I don’t really have favorite episodes of TV shows. I don’t have favorites of anything, really. I just try to like a lot of stuff. 

  1. 5500 said: NGL: Girl in the Fireplace continues to CREEP ME OUT.
  2. awpoops said: Baywatch Nights
  3. ellenbee said: CASTLE?
  4. everythinginthesky said: No Buffy or Firefly?
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