How to Watch Justified S1 on Netflix FAQ

If you want to watch S1 of Justified on Netflix, the episodes are presented very out of order. There’s a member comment on the Netflix page that actually suggests a different, also incorrect order, so I guess beware.

As of this writing (12/30/2010), if you want to watch the show on Netflix, you need to do it in this order:

1 - 2 - 5 - 6 - 4 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 3 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13

[12/31/2010 ETA: I’m told Justified is no longer streaming in the States, but it is still streaming in Canada, and incorrectly, and who knows, maybe other places as well. So that’s the deal. This is how you watch it via Netflix Streaming in some parts of the world. For all I know, the discs are fine and in the correct order.]

Now I will answer your questions.

Q: Is Justified a good show?
A: Yes! I liked it!

Q: But did you loooooove it?
A: I liked it! It’s good!

Q: Is it better than Terriers though?
A: I don’t think that comparison does anyone any good, so how about this: on the FX Original Series Scale, I liked it less than Terriers but more than Damages. (And I guess way more than Nip/Tuck, The Shield, or Rescue Me, none of which have ever interested me.)

Q: Isn’t Timothy Olyphant so handsome?
A: Holy shit I KNOW, right? I forgot that he played Todd in GO, which was so great. Plus that Natalie Zea? Having to look at her? Not exactly a hardship?

Q: His upper teeth, though.
A: Yeah I don’t know.

Q: What else?
A: The dialogue is extremely good in a great many places. It shines. There are a few places where the writing gooses the plot along more quickly than it’s inclined, but not so you mind terribly.

Q: OK thank you, I feel I have enough information to make a decision about watching the show.
A: We should mention the female character situation though, I mean it is pretty lacking.

Q: What else is new.
A: I know, but you need to call it out when you see it. And I’m not saying I don’t like the female characters on this show, they’re all pretty great, all three of them. It’s just complicated, because on paper they’re all strong women who have their shit together. But like OK, for instance, the token minority is played by an actress I really like, Erica Tazel?

Q: Wait, I know her, wasn’t she in—
A: —YES, FIREFLY, the Safe episode, she’s the one who calls River a witch. So good, right?

Q: Yes.
A: Yes. So it’s clear from the beginning they don’t know what to do with her character, and this is further evidenced by the way she disappears halfway through the season.

Q: Ah.
A: So, like that. And Wynonna is smart and strong, and Ava is kind of a bad ass, but you get the sense that the show could skate along fairly well without them. It’s definitely a show that focuses on dudes relating to dudes. It’s not bad, you just want better. And you shouldn’t have to ask for it.

Q: OK gotcha.
A: But still, good show, I’ll watch S2 for sure.

Q: Thanks!
A: I think my favorite part, actually, more than watching Timothy Olyphant have bad-ass dialogue and shoot people, is the bad guy, Boyd Crowder. His character arc does a really interesting dog-leg early in the season and it just sets up a much more interesting plot than you might otherwise expect from a show like this, which at its heart is another “lawman disregards authority, does things own way” series. 

Q: *looks at watch*
A: So in summary: left-field antagonist, solid Elmore Leonard backbone, ultra-snappy dialogue, people being remorseless bad-asses, and handsome T. Olyphant all combine to make it much better than you might think, given the premise and a few weak spots w/r/t plot & characterization.

Q: We done?
A: Can we do one of these for other stuff I like? The Tokyo Jihen live DVD or Lynda Barry or whatever? Or maybe even Terriers? I am far from done talking about that show.

Q: Frankly I think the conceit is a little grating and it’s doubtful anyone even read this far down, so, best not to push it.
A: *imagines a different internet*

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