Things I’m Into

This thing Zan wrote about canvassing in Ohio. 

This thing about Moneyworth and having the courage to just DO YOUR THING even when you feel like probably no one else in the world is going to be into it.

Jigga getting paid to put words into Stephen Fry’s mouth? What planet do we even live on.

tothesound updating again. Do you remember blogs, do you remember posting words into the void of the internet.

Doing the Pool Palace in my kitchen. Not one music critic has written about the fact that Beez in the Trap represents a possible resurgence in snap music this is important to me you guys the best musical styles are forever.

Basically everything Nora and Lily post on twitter, every day.

This bottle of Pappy Van Winkle that is in my house.

This happened last week while we were under water and out of electricity but Matthew lifeserial went ahead and launched this weird & beautiful new thing. 

Nathan Kotecki talking about the things he had to fight for and the things he had to let go in order to get his book The Suburban Strange published.

I’m into other stuff too, I have many interests but you get the idea

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