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  • one part of my brain: why can't you just appreciate what you have
  • another part of my brain: !!!! what
  • apomb: I totally appreciate basically everything!
  • apomb: on the DAILY!
  • opomb: ok but admit your thankfulness has a subtle, begruding flavor
  • opomb: and that actually you want more
  • apomb: of course i want more
  • apomb: wanting more is what gets people out of bed in the morning
  • apomb: wanting more is why we bother taking another breath
  • apomb: wanting more is the reason we developed brains
  • opomb: ok but what do you actually want
  • opomb: is it Success
  • apomb: there are a lot of definitions
  • apomb: and most of them sound kind of crummy, especially in this day & age & w/r/t the internet
  • opomb: is it Fame
  • apomb: I am in no way convinced that exists anymore
  • opomb: is it Money
  • apomb: nuh-uh
  • apomb: well yes I would like to not have to worry as much about how i'm going to pay the bills each month
  • apomb: but not more than that, really
  • opomb: is it Influence
  • apomb: what is there left to influence
  • apomb: I don't even know what that means
  • opomb: is it--
  • apomb: --boy the wind is really picking up isn't it
  • apomb: should we go?
  • opomb: is it that you want to be Proven Right
  • [the sudden, soughing trees carry the response away]

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I Think I Want To Start A Blog (ix)

  • h: fuck you
  • h: go to hell
  • m: ?
  • h: you suck in every way imaginable
  • h: a blog??? AWESOME DOOD!11!!!
  • m: hey man
  • h: die
  • m: wtf
  • h: die
  • m: it could be fun
  • h: you make me SICK
  • m: what the hell man
  • m: not cool
  • h: you are the worst person in the world
  • h: you are the stupidest piece of shit possible
  • m: fuck you man
  • m: jesus
  • h: you would guaranteed have the worst blog in the world
  • m: i can't b
  • m:
  • h: like
  • h: I would rather read perez hilton's blog
  • h: updated 20 times a day
  • h: each including a different animated gif of his naked body
  • h: every single day for the rest of my life\
  • h: may I live to be a million
  • h: then read one post of yours
  • m: wow you are an ass.
  • m: fuck you.
  • m: i'm done with you.
  • h: hey
  • m:
  • h: come on man
  • h: just trying to toughen you up
  • h: i'm your friend

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I Think I Want To Start A Blog (viii)

  • m: pretty psyched about it
  • h: whaaaaaaat
  • m: I don't know, I just thought
  • h: whaaaaaaaat
  • m: ?
  • m: I just wantto start one
  • h: whaaaaaaaaat
  • m: wtf
  • h: whaaaaaaaaaat
  • m: what he hell
  • h: whaaaaaaaaaaaat
  • m: whatever
  • h: whaaaaaaaaaaaaat
  • [m is offline and did not receive your message.]
  • h: whaaaaaaaaaaat

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I Think I Want To Start A Blog (vii)

  • h: I was gonna say
  • m: what
  • h: like i think pretty much everyone else has one
  • m: i know
  • m: i need to get on board
  • m: with the whole blogging situation
  • h: maybe your ready
  • m: i'm worried though
  • h: ok what about i will help you
  • m: like what if i start a blog
  • h: ok
  • m: and then I can't think of anything to write
  • h: ok common
  • m: so then i don't update my blog for a while
  • h: ok
  • m: and then it becomes like this pressure on me
  • h: ok
  • m: ?
  • h: here's what you do
  • h: you make a post
  • h: and it says
  • h: "I'm sorry I've been so bad about blogging"
  • h: "but I'll start doing better soon"
  • m: ah ok
  • h: when people read something like that
  • h: they understand

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I Think I Want To Start A Blog (vi)

  • h: ugh
  • h: no thanks pal
  • w: wtf
  • h: "blogging"
  • w: wtf?
  • h: I guess I didn't know you were retarded
  • w: WTF
  • h: just do a twitter instead
  • w: no thats what I meant
  • h: oh
  • h: sorry
  • h: heh


I Think I Want To Start A Blog (v)

  • h: weird, me too
  • m: wow really?

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I Think I Want To Start A Blog (iv)

  • h: huh
  • h: can you do that?
  • m: I think?
  • m: it seems like people do
  • h: how do you start one though
  • m: you like
  • m: sign up
  • m: start typing things
  • m: exchange links
  • m: notify google that you exist
  • m: (this is my understanding)
  • h: huh
  • h: i guess it makes sense
  • h: i didn't think of blogs "starting"
  • h: i thought they just existed?
  • h: and were always there
  • h: updating so often
  • h: you had to turn off your internet
  • h: so you wouldn't look at them anymore
  • w:
  • h: whats yours going to be about

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I Think I Want To Start A Blog (iii)

  • h: COOL
  • h: what's it going to be about?
  • m: just all kinds of stuff
  • m: stuff I'm thinkin abuot
  • m: thoughts I have
  • m: some private thoughts
  • h: eh
  • h: make it about one thing
  • h: like food
  • h: or fashion
  • h: or fashion websites
  • h: or food websites
  • h: its good to focus
  • m: i don't know a lot about those things
  • h: yeah but you could learn
  • h: and then you can branch out later

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I Think I Want To Start A Blog (ii)

  • h: ok
  • h: i won't try to stop you
  • m: why would you try to stop me
  • h: it's
  • h: you'll see.
  • h: i'm sorry
  • m: i need you to support me on this
  • m: i need to kjnow that you'll be there for me after i've started my blog
  • h: i don't know
  • m: ?
  • h: but
  • h: you'll probably have new friends

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I Think I Want To Start A Blog (i)

  • h: stop
  • m: why
  • h: don't think you want to start a blog
  • h: you have to KNOW you want to start a blog
  • m: how do you know something like that
  • h: you are compelled
  • h: you want it so bad nothing could stop you
  • m: ok
  • m: well
  • m: lets say i'm compelled and now i definitely want to start a blog
  • m: what do I do
  • h: i don't believe you
  • h: you'r not even sincere
  • h: the internet is kiind of a big deal
  • h: come correct
  • m: i know i'm just saying what if
  • h: do you even understand how magic works