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Out Now! The Lifted Brow: Digital, Volume Ten, Issue Two →



Cover art by Jr.Blue/LashnaTuschewski.

Volume Ten, Issue Two of The Lifted Brow: Digital has entered our worldly, wordy realm! Fire up your apple device to get this latest literary sensation, featuring:

  • #nofilter fiction from Kevin Fanning (USA)
  • Lee Tran Lam navigates an exit survey,…

If you go to the app store and download the newest issue of The Lifted Brow you can read my story about sexually-charged brand interactions. I really like this story and there aren’t a lot of mags that would have been so enthusiastic about it so THANK YOU to The Lifted Brow. Here’s a lil pull quote:

You stumbled gracelessly around the screen until you found star_travlr420’s profile. You noticed that he had 114,000 followers.

“Um, you have 114,000 followers,” you said.

“I know right?” he said, without looking up from whatever he was doing.

“You’re famous?”

“I don’t know? I guess? I just really exist, is how I think of it.”

“Are these all real accounts or Brazilian robo-corporations or something?” you asked.

star_travlr420 thought for a moment. “Every account, every profile, every brand, is true to itself, is real on some level.” 

You desperately hoped this was true, with your zero posts and 1 follower.

A child’s name, on some level, reflects the parents’ hopes and dreams for the child. It is a kind of stamp on the thin envelope of their journey through life. They named their daughter North. They gave their daughter the language of direction, of adventure into the unknown, the hope of something better, something far away and potentially magical and interesting and better. They gave her elsewhere.

Kevin Fanning, “The Complete Biography of North West.”

For a few minutes, I felt something about Kanye and Kim that wasn’t weary resignation.

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I wrote about North West! Kind of the unsung celebrity baby of the summer, imho. Also it’s about Trayvon & reproductive rights & #teens and a lot of other things too

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—The Person Who Lives

This is me, reading “The Person Who Lives” from Touch Anything Except Me.

Works best with headphones, I still haven’t figured out how to record vocals like a normal human.

My new book, Magical Neon Sexuality, is now available.

It features ~12~ stories of passion and longing, wrapped inside a majestically beautiful cover image by Maré Odomo.

Are you interested in heroic tales of Taylor Swift’s revenge against an evil boyfriend? Are you concerned with the intricacies of human-Pokémon romance? Do you sometimes lie awake at night, fairly certain that Selena Gomez represents humanity’s best line of defense against the inevitable zombie apocalypse? Well then perhaps this is the book you’ve been waiting for, your whole entire life.

Magical Neon Sexuality is $8 in the US ($9 Canada, $10 World) and it ships right away, go get it

Joru's Hand →

My brother Joru lost his hand. Lost is the wrong word. We still know exactly where it is, at least for now.

Here is a new story I wrote. I read this at Dire a few weeks ago and people were into it? So maybe you will be too. Thank you in advance for your time & attention.

Sexual Jungle Cat

I have a story up at Necessary Fiction. Kathy Fish asked me to send her something with the theme “WILD”. I sent her a story called David Hasselhoff’s Game of Sexual Jungle Cat. This is an edited/updated/reworked version of a story I originally posted on another blog.

Anyways happy holidays.