Chihiro Onitsuka


Chihiro Onitsuka - Shine

I was doing the dishes and listening to Utada. I think I first heard about Utada from Lia, years and years ago, although this particular track was one I’d heard about more recently from siik. But then listening to Utada I suddenly had a craving to listen to Chihiro Onitsuka. I first heard this song when Ernie posted in on LYD years and years and years ago and it was instantly one of my favorite songs and has remained so over the years. I decided I would post it, along with a mention of Ernie, and I thought maybe I should try to find that original post on LYD! But then I was like Ugh forget it, googling things takes forever who cares. But then I needed to find the image for the mp3 so I googled “chihiro onitsuka shine” and the first result was Google telling me that they knew I knew Ernie and they knew that he had posted about this song and maybe that was important to me. Jesus fuck, so terrifying and extremely helpful