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Yesterday Pierce said something interesting on Twitter about Google Glass and Oculus Rift. I can’t show you exactly what because his tweets are protected and I totally respect his privacy, but basically he was like:


And then I responded to his tweet with:


Which is not super interesting or clever, but it built on what Pierce had said. 

So THEN Pierce was like:


Which, I mean, he’s not wrong.

But then, later, my tweet showed up in Today In Tabs:


And Pierce saw it and was like:


It was pretty funny. Anyways no hard feelings Pierce. 

Remember to follow me on Twitter. Pierce maybe not so much.


The important this is *I* think I’m funny

The important this is *I* think I’m funny

Today On Twitter →


A short interactive story about Twitter by Kevin Fanning.
It is wonderful and true.

Here is a thing I made! Please check it out!

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The magic & glory of spying on Twitter conversations between people you admire is well documented (here on this blog, even) but Helen DeWitt getting breezy with Joey Comeau & Ryan North:

has me like:

PS Joey has a new book out.